It's interesting project for stuff of pharmaceutical industry (full version in Russian)
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Тема: Большой каталог медицинских приложений для android и ios (iphone)
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Vialek Ltd. (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Our service:  Medical products registration (regulatory affairs)

We have an experience in successful registration of more than 200 medical products; our clients are big international companies from Germany, Poland, Russian Federation, USA, Japan, Switzerland and Turkey. We can truly boast that our company is a leader in registration services and we know all the details of the procedure.

The whole registration is being performed by employee of our company, if all the documentation is ok - we will not disturb you during the procedure. From your side we will need a required list of documents, mentioned above. In a defined period of time (3-9 months, depending on the documentation and specifications) we will transfer you the finished product - the registration certificate.

In other words, Pattern Ltd. will:

- Defend prosperity of the Company

- Prepare Application and submit qualified Registration Dossier

- Produce all obligatory documents for Official Payments to various units

- Carry out registration process and find out best solutions

- Find a better way for registration process

- Register trademarks, EAN-codes

- Verify retail package for custom clearance and trade

- Negotiate to authorities concerning list for reimbursement

- Provide you with Service (3-9 months registration)

To start with we suggest you to send us the filled Preorder Form and make some notes regarding the terms and other details. In a while we will supply with the price and other information.


If you have any questions or if you are ready to start the procedure - please, do not hesitate to contact us 

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